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By Wes Sen­gomona, cre­at­or of the cocktail: 

“To make this cock­tail, first paint the glass with a thin layer of car­a­mel and stick a slice of dehyd­rated pear on top. Then pour all the ingredi­ents into the shaker except the perry.
Shake and pour over ice before adding the perry. Serve chilled.”

Method : Shaker
Glass­ware: High­ball Nude Savage Glass


1.5cl Ver­juice
3cl Cla­ri­fied apple syrup with almonds and roas­ted pine nuts
2cl Cor­sic­an aperitif
4cl Calvados Dom­fron­tais VS
Top up Perry infused with Fennel Pollen
3 Bitter dashes
Collins Ice Cube 


Pix : Guillaume Belvèze + ForGeorges.fr ⇉ #CalvaClub 2021

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