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By César Debus, cre­at­or of the cocktail: 

“To create this cock­tail, I was inspired by a clas­sic I love, the Man­hat­tan. I kept the same struc­ture, I just adap­ted it around the main ele­ment, Calvados. I wanted to high­light the Calvados by using fla­vours that go per­fectly with the taste of the apple. For me, the nut and liquorice fla­vours are the per­fect com­bin­a­tion. I chose a young and lively Calvados, explos­ive, to coun­ter­bal­ance the liquorice and the bit­ter­ness of the walnut. The orange zest just expressed brings a citrus note, and a little freshness.”


50 ml Calvados VS
30 ml walnut wine
1 Amaro barspoon
1 expressed orange peel
Clear ice (old fashioned) 

Tech­nique: mixing glass
Gar­nish: apple slice and shelled walnut
Glass: Old Fashioned


Photos : Guillaume Belvèze + ForGeorges.fr ⇉ #CalvaClub 2021

How do you heat a still?

A still can be heated by gas or, more tra­di­tion­ally, by wood. 

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