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Gibelotte of rabbit & Calvados

Pre­par­a­tion time: 15 mins
Cook­ing time: 1 hour 15 mins
Serves 6


1 rabbit cut into pieces
1 bunch of spring onions
200g diced bacon
250g button mushrooms
3 carrots
30cl dry cider
5cl Calvados
1 bou­quet garni
Dash of olive oil


Peel and dice the car­rots. Heat a dash of olive oil in a cas­ser­ole dish and lightly brown the car­rots, bacon and the rabbit pieces.

Pour over the Calvados and flambé the meat and veget­ables in the cas­ser­ole dish.

Season with salt and pepper, add the bou­quet garni and pour in the cider.

Cover, and leave to simmer for 45 mins.

Clean and cut the mush­rooms into quar­ters. Peel the spring onions.

Add the onions and mush­rooms to the cas­ser­ole and con­tin­ue cook­ing for 30 mins. Serve hot.

How many apples does it take to make one litre of Calvados?

It is estim­ated that about 18kg of apples are needed to obtain 13 litres of cider at 5% vol. ready for dis­til­la­tion into Calvados. These 13 litres will pro­duce 1 litre of Calvados at 70%, i.e. before its ageing and reduction.

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