A glass of Calvados is enjoyed at the end of the meal in a restaurant

Bold food pair­ings, apple-cious cock­tails, served neat or over ice: Calvados is per­fect for all sea­sons and all drink­ing occasions.

  • How & When to drink Calvados

    Old vin­tages, young blends, in cock­tails or in gast­ro­nomy: here are a few of the many ways Calvados can be enjoyed..

    Drinking Calvados
    Bottle of Calvados in the window of a wine shop
  • Cocktails
    A Calvados cocktail in a bar in Paris, France.

    Wheth­er served as a refresh­ing long drink, or a stronger short drink, Calvados appeals to every­one, from novice drink­ers to the most respec­ted mix­o­lo­gists. Below there is a selec­tion of apple-cious cock­tails for you to try…

  • Recipes

    You can use it as a mar­in­ade, you can flambé with it and you even can deglaze with it… the ver­sat­il­ity of Calvados is also shown by its reg­u­lar use in French gastronomy.

    Below are a few recipe sug­ges­tions from some top chefs…

  • Recommended addresses

    Bars, hotels, res­taur­ants, del­icates­sens, wine stores, you’ll find Calvados every­where. In Normandy, in France, and all over the world.

    Recommended spots
    • La rue Ecuyère

      Caen - Normandie
      Epicentre de la vie estudiantine caennaise, vous n’échapperez pas à l’Embuscade, la spécialité de la rue de la soif made in Normandy…
      See map

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