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You can use it as a mar­in­ade, you can flambé with it and you even can deglaze with it… the ver­sat­il­ity of Calvados is also shown by its reg­u­lar use in French gastronomy. Below are a few recipe sug­ges­tions from some top chefs…

  • Apple & Calvados fritters

    Recipe by Chef Damien | 750g See the recipe
  • Chausey lobster flambéed with Calvados, served with beetroot & lobster sabayon

    Recipe by Jonathan Datin See the recipe
  • Roast bass, apple & onion chutney & creamy Calvados mousse

    Recipe by Gilles Tournadre See the recipe
  • Pan-fried apples with Calvados

    Recipe by Franck See the recipe
  • Tenderloin of pork with Calvados

    Recipe by Fooby.ch See the recipe
  • Apple Fondant with Calvados

    See the recipe
  • Gibelotte of rabbit & Calvados

    Recipe by Mathilde Joannès See the recipe
  • Curried king prawns with coconut milk & Calvados Fine

    Recipe by Flora Mikula See the recipe
  • Oysters with apples flavoured with Calvados

    Recipe by Coquillages.com See the recipe
  • A modern take on the Mille-Feuille with Calvados

    Recipe by Valentin Doraphé See the recipe
  • Panna cotta of foie gras, baby salad leaves, strips of smoked duck breast & cubes of apple Calvados gelée

    Recipe by Flora Mikula See the recipe
  • Scallops flambéed with Calvados on a bed of braised leeks

    See the recipe

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