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On the banks of the River Eure you will find one of the oldest Calvados producers in Normandy, whose underground cellars date back to the 19th century. Here you can learn all about the craft of Calvados maturing and the various stages in its production.

The story of Calvados Morin started in la Haye de Calleville in the Risle valley in 1889, before Pierre Morin took over from his father and moved the small family négociant business to Brionne, then more permanently to Ivry-la-Bataille, a charming old Normandy citadel in the Eure valley.

In February 1945, Calvados Morin decided to move to the former premises of the Distillerie de Thélème (known for its famous liquor at the time). This distillery is equipped with ageing facilities that are second to none in Normandy and include vast underground cellars that are home to several hundred small oak barrels containing the precious eau-de-vies.

Calvados Morin is reputed for the quality of its blends and the consistency of its products. The famous “Morin taste” is derived from the careful blending of different terroirs and appellations. The young Calvados selected for ageing are first aged in 300 to 400-litre casks in cellars that are subject to changing climatic conditions which accentuates the oxidation and thus the ageing, resulting in a high degree of evaporation - the angels’ share - which is crucial in the process of ageing a good eau-de-vie. The unique environment of our cellars plays a major role in the gentle ageing of our Calvados. Dug into the chalk hillsides of the Eure valley, the long tunnels run deep into the cliff. Their very humid atmosphere is ideal for ageing Calvados, in silence and far away from the vibrations of the town.

This maturation phase is a second, very important step in our ageing process. The ambient hygrometry of close to 100% causes a natural decrease in the alcohol content, creating softer and smoother eau-de-vies.

Calvados Morin produces a large range of Calvados, from 3 years to over 30 years of age, all presented in stylish packaging. It also incudes “Single” Calvados from the Pay d’Auge, as well as superb “blends” from a selection of the finest terroirs. Morin Calvados are available in France in a number of high-end establishments, wine stores, delicatessens, restaurants and wholesalers. Nowadays, the company is managed by Messieurs Viry Père & Fils and exports half of its production to the European Union, Asia, North America and Russia.

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