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From Le Bessin to Caen,
between land & sea

Stage 1 : La Pointe du Hoc

This nat­ur­al site on the out­skirts of Cric­queville-en-Bessin, with its old bunkers and craters, bears testi­mony to the fero­city of the battle of June 1944.

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La Pointe du Hoc
La Pointe du Hoc © David Grandmougin
La Pointe du Hoc in Criqueville-en-Bessin
La Pointe du Hoc in Criqueville-en-Bessin © Michel Dehaye / CRT

Stage 2 : Omaha Beach

With the code name given to it by the Allies, this beach is undoubtedly the most sym­bol­ic of D‑Day. Impress­ively long, it stretches from Vierville-sur-Mer to Col­leville-sur-Mer and is a great place to take a dip in the summer.

Don’t miss the Amer­ic­an cemetery over­look­ing it!

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Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach © Isigny Omaha tourisme
Sunbathing on Omaha Beach
Sunbathing on Omaha Beach © Jonas Denil
The American cemetery in Colleville-sur-mer
The American cemetery in Colleville-sur-mer © Erik-Jan Leusink

Travel slightly away from the coast and pay a visit to Domaine de la Sap­in­ière. Michel Leg­al­lois wel­comes vis­it­ors to his cellar loc­ated along­side the orch­ards. This is no doubt the most mari­time estate in the appel­la­tion area.

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Stage 3 : Bayeux

10 km from Bayeux, the old cit­adel of Port en Bessin is the Normandy cap­it­al of the sea scal­lop. Its quay­sides are bust­ling when the boats come in and the fish­er­men unload their catch at the fish auction.

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Sea scallops
Sea scallops © Bayeux / Intercom

The charm of the ancient medi­ev­al town of Bayeux is first exper­i­enced through its famous Tapestry, a 69-metre long embroidered mas­ter­piece in honour of Wil­li­am the Con­quer­or. Bayeux’ impress­ive cathed­ral also bears testi­mony to the splend­our of the Duchy of Normandy.
Spend the night at Logis “Les Rem­pa­rts”, a charm­ing bed & break­fast with a “cider-making” vibe.

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Bayeux Cathedral
Bayeux Cathedral © Jordan Bouvier
The Bayeux Tapestry
The Bayeux Tapestry © © Tapisserie de Bayeux
Bayeux town centre
Bayeux town centre ©  Nusa Urbancek

Stage 4 : Le Bessin

In a more coun­tri­fied set­ting, just a stone­’s throw from the cap­it­al of Le Bessin, you will find Domaine de la Flaguer­ie which is open to vis­it­ors all year round. The aromas of apples waft through the air as you tour this family-owned, organ­ic­ally-cer­ti­fied property.

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On the road to Caen, stop off for a bite to eat at the Ferme de Billy. The inter­est­ing and cre­at­ive Vauvrecy family has very suc­cess­fully pre­served its family her­it­age. They put on gen­er­ous brunches at the week­end and mix up some tasty Calvados cock­tails for you to enjoy in the cosy surroundings.

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In the orchards
In the orchards © J. Boisard
Distillation at Domaine de Billy
Distillation at Domaine de Billy © Domaine de Billy
La Ferme de Billy
La Ferme de Billy © La Ferme de Billy

Stage 5 : Caen

Caen is Wil­li­am the Conqueror’s cit­adel, steeped in 1,000 years of his­tory. Its soul can be found in its old quar­ters and in the many monu­ments in the town centre. You should also check out the Memori­al, the marina and the numer­ous bars in Rue Ecuyère where you can try Normandy’s famous Embus­cade cocktail!

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The rooftops of Caen
The rooftops of Caen © Robin Inizan
Caen downtown
Caen downtown ©  Emmanuelle Tison

Roadmap : From Le Bessin to Caen, between land & sea

↪ 5 stages - 70 km
  • 1. La Pointe du Hoc
  • 2. Omaha Beach
  • 3. Bayeux
  • 4. Le Bessin
  • 5. Caen

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