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CalvaClub 2022, episode 2

Camille Pila won the second edition of the #CalvaClub on June 13th.

With her cock­tail entitled “Res­ist­ance”, com­bin­ing the terroirs of Normandy and Cor­sica, Cam­ille won the com­pet­i­tion with a fruity and refresh­ing short drink.

But the most import­ant thing was undoubtedly else­where: an immer­sion in the heart of the orch­ards of the Pays d’Auge to better dis­cov­er all the secrets of the famous spirit.

An excep­tion­al set­ting to grasp all the Calvados quintessence.

French-speaking conviviality

No need to go over all the details — we already told you everything HERE with gifs — but this year was placed under the sign of the Franco-Bel­gian friendship.

With our pals from and the Brus­sels Cock­tail Week, of course.

They were finally 12: 6 French and 6 Bel­gian bar­tenders. 6 men, 6 women.

Parity or nothing !

Day 1

As soon as we arrived at the Deau­ville train sta­tion, we headed to Hon­fleur for a food pair­ing with cheese and sev­er­al Calvados vintages.

How are Michel Huard’s Calvados made? What are the char­ac­ter­ist­ics of these Calvados made in the heart of the “Suisse Nor­mande” region?

Jean-François Guil­lou­et unveiled a part of his know-how while we sailed on the famous basins of the port city.

Under an intense sun, the Calypso allowed us to dis­cov­er the city differently.

End of the day at “Jardins de Cop­pelia”. Incred­ible spot. Bar­be­cue’ and Calvados drinks, of course.

Incred­ible view on the orch­ards and the sea.

Day 2

Morn­ing cross­ing of the high-stem orch­ards to meet at the Manoir d’Apreval. Around Agathe Letel­l­i­er, the owner, Maxime Lamiot (Calvados Toutain), Jacques Gilles (La Ferme des Par­quets) and Michel Voidye await us.

While the encyc­lo­ped­ic Jacques intro­duces us to the rudi­ments of arbor­i­cul­ture, the audi­ence gradu­ally dis­cov­ers the abneg­a­tion required to run an orch­ard inten­ded for the pro­duc­tion of Calvados.

We then focus on the two mobile stills that allow us to better under­stand the tech­nic­al aspects of dis­til­la­tion. What are the dif­fer­ences between a pot and a column still? Every­one then improves their mas­tery of the dif­fer­ent Calvados appellations.

After the theory, it’s time for prac­tice with a blend­ing work­shop. Along­side Agathe, Jean-Luc Fossey, cellar master, invites the can­did­ates to make their own VSOP.

Picnic stop after­wards with a little Po-Po-Pom­meau and then, the competition.

10 minutes, 6 drinks: challenge accepted.

In an inter­act­ive way, the 12 can­did­ates take turns explain­ing their recipes to a demand­ing jury.

Not just anyone can suc­ceed to the Globe Bouil­leur !

Cab­bage, miso, nashi, sea urchin, oyster leaf… the can­did­ates com­pete in ima­gin­a­tion and ingenu­ity to sub­lim­ate the dif­fer­ent appel­la­tions of Calvados.

After intense delib­er­a­tions, the jury finally decided on Cam­ille’s cock­tail, ahead of Fatine and Tam, both authors of two very nice performances.

It’s time to relax at the pool.…


As a last wink to our Bel­gian friends, the band Aprile comes to con­clude this incred­ible week­end in the most beau­ti­ful way while Guil­laume and his team treat us with drinks and suc­cu­lent Pocito (yes!).

More to follow in October…in Berlin with Camille !


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