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The Calvados

The Calvados dis­til­ler­ies and estates are open to vis­it­ors all year round. Count­less tast­ings, activ­it­ies and dis­cov­er­ies await you!

  • Ferme des Parquets


    Ciders, per­ries, apple juices, pear juices, Pom­meau de Nor­man­die, Pays d’Auge Calvados: all pro­duced on our farm from our 2,000 trees grow­ing 70 dif­fer­ent varieties. 

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  • La Maison Ferré


    Maison Ferré is an ideal stop for anyone who loves nature and appre­ci­ates authen­ti­city. This family-owned cider pro­du­cer and dis­til­lery are loc­ated in the heart of the Perche Region­al Park, where the state-owned forests and hills give this nat­ur­al region its typ­ic­al character. 

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  • Manoir de Grandouet


    Loc­ated on the “Route du Cidre” (Cider Route) near the vil­lage of Cam­bre­mer, in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, the Manoir de Grandou­et cellar is open to vis­it­ors through­out the year. The terroir and the cli­mate make this an excel­lent loc­a­tion for cider production. 

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  • Domaine des 5D


    Domaine des 5D is loc­ated in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, just out­side Lisieux and its famous basilica. It sits at the foot of its hill­side orch­ards, in a spot formerly known as the Pré des Vignes, in ref­er­ence to the vines once grown there. 

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  • La Cave Normande


    Pro­du­cers of Calvados, perry, cider, apple and pear juice since 1950… a family know-how and expert­ise when it comes to delight­ing the taste buds! 

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  • Ferme de la Sapinière


    The Ferme de la Sap­in­ière pro­duces all of its ciders using nat­ur­al fer­ment­a­tion, without the addi­tion of carbon diox­ide. It also pro­duces Pom­meau de Nor­man­die and Calvados. Guided tours are avail­able allow­ing vis­it­ors to learn more about our delect­able Normandy beverages. 

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  • Cidrerie du Perche

    Val au Perche

    We grow and pro­cess fruit on 22 hec­tares of organ­ic cider apple orch­ards, installed in a “High Qual­ity Envir­on­ment­al Stand­ard” build­ing. We receive vis­it­ors on our family farm all year round. 

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  • Père Gontran


    This family farm, loc­ated in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, not far from the beaches of the Côte Fleur­ie, pro­duces Calvados, cider and apple juice. Direct sales on-site. 

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  • Cidre Lemasson


    Farm-based, organ­ic and sus­tain­able pro­duc­tion. Tra­di­tion­al pro­cessing in keep­ing with ances­tral savoir-faire. Modern and enga­ging marketing. 

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  • Calvados Toutain


    The Toutain family has been pro­du­cing Calvados on the Domaine de la Couter­ie in Beuzeville for 5 gen­er­a­tions. The Calvados are craf­ted accord­ing to the ances­tral cus­toms and tra­di­tions that bring great repute to small producers. . 

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  • Domaine des Cinq Autels


    Organ­ic from its incep­tion and cer­ti­fied as such in 1984, sulph­ite-free. Its products pos­sess a lovely zesty “sig­na­ture taste”!

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  • Le Pressoir


    A warm wel­come, qual­ity products, an explan­a­tion of our work and a tast­ing of our products. 

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