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The Calvados

The Calvados dis­til­ler­ies and estates are open to vis­it­ors all year round. Count­less tast­ings, activ­it­ies and dis­cov­er­ies await you!

  • Les Bruyères Carré


    Handed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion, the Les Bruyères Carré farm loc­ated in Moyaux, in the Calvados depart­ment, is an authen­t­ic Normandy Pays d’Auge cider farm that is really worth a visit! 

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  • Maison Hérout


    Maison Hérout was foun­ded in Auvers, in the heart of the Le Cotentin region, in 1946. It has been a pion­eer in organ­ic cider-based pro­duc­tion excel­lence since the 70s. 

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  • La Maison du Père Tranquille


    Maison du Père Tran­quille has been dis­trib­ut­ing qual­ity Normandy products, in par­tic­u­lar Rollon Calvados, aged in its own cellar in Routot, for three generations.

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  • Calvados Préaux


    Loc­ated in the Normandy Bocage, Calvados Préaux upholds the tra­di­tion of Calvados making, craft­ing products of the highest quality.

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  • La Maison Ferré


    Maison Ferré is an ideal stop for anyone who loves nature and appre­ci­ates authen­ti­city. This family-owned cider pro­du­cer and dis­til­lery are loc­ated in the heart of the Perche Region­al Park, where the state-owned forests and hills give this nat­ur­al region its typ­ic­al character. 

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  • La Cave Normande


    Pro­du­cers of Calvados, perry, cider, apple and pear juice since 1950… a family know-how and expert­ise when it comes to delight­ing the taste buds! 

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  • Pacory — Ferme des Grimaux


    In Normandy, in the heart of the Dom­front region, the land of the pear, our family farm pro­duces cider-based products ori­gin­at­ing from high stem orch­ards where the grass is grazed by our herd of Normandy cows. 

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  • La Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil, Normandie

    Le Breuil-en-Auge

    This, one of the most pres­ti­gi­ous dis­til­ler­ies of Calvados, set in a 16th-17th cen­tury château, pro­duces a wide range of Calvados Pays d’Auge and Calvados-based products, from the most tra­di­tion­al to the most innovative. 

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  • Ferme de la Prémoudière


    The Ferme de la Pré­moud­ière is loc­ated in the Orne Bocage, an area known for its unspoilt, rural envir­on­ment. Its orch­ards are planted with extraordin­ary high stem pear trees. 

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  • Michel Huard


    Apple grow­ers and pro­du­cers of vin­tage Calvados for seven gen­er­a­tions in the Orne Bocage countryside. 

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  • Gaec de Claids


    Pro­du­cer of cider and cider-based products, the GAEC de Claids farm is situ­ated in the Le Cotentin area of Normandy. 

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  • Christian Drouin

    Pont Lévêque

    Maison Drouin is a family-owned Pays d’Auge craft dis­til­lery nest­ling in the middle of a tra­di­tion­al high stem orch­ard and spe­cial­ising in the craft­ing of vin­tage Calvados. 

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