Calvados Domfrontais

The Calvados

The Calvados distilleries and estates are open to visitors all year round. Countless tastings, activities and discoveries await you!

  • Calvados Préaux


    Located in the Normandy Bocage, Calvados Préaux upholds the tradition of Calvados making, crafting products of the highest quality.

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  • La Cave Normande


    Producers of Calvados, perry, cider, apple and pear juice since 1950… a family know-how and expertise when it comes to delighting the taste buds!

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  • Pacory — Ferme des Grimaux


    In Normandy, in the heart of the Domfront region, the land of the pear, our family farm produces cider-based products originating from high stem orchards where the grass is grazed by our herd of Normandy cows.

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  • Victor Gontier

    Saint Georges de Rouelley

    Farm production in the heart of the Appellation d’Origine Domfrontais Calvados production area for three generations.

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  • Ferme de la Prémoudière


    The Ferme de la Prémoudière is located in the Orne Bocage, an area known for its unspoilt, rural environment. Its orchards are planted with extraordinary high stem pear trees.

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  • Comte Louis de Lauriston


    Created to put a stop to illegal Calvados production in the Domfrontais region, the Calvados Comte Louis de Lauriston cellars now house the forgotten treasures from the time of illicit distilling, along with a unique range of vintages from several decades which are exported to over 20 countries.

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  • Domaine de la Duretière


    An organic family farm, with 17 hectares of orchards, located in the Calvados Domfrontais, Calvados, and Pommeau de Normandie appellations. Calvados apple growers and producers.

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  • Didier Lemorton


    Specialising in old vintage Domfrontais Calvados, the Lemorton family has been managing the family estate for 3 generations.

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  • Ferme de la Motte


    The Ferme de la Motte is a family-owned farm where we take great care of the land and the trees by organic agriculture, replanting hedgerows, harvesting the fruit by hand, cider production using natural secondary fermentation. If the way we do things interests you, then come along and meet us!

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