The Calvados

The Calvados distilleries and estates are open to visitors all year round. Countless tastings, activities and discoveries await you!

  • Distillerie La Monnerie


    The moment you enter our cellars, the odour interrogates you: should you stay quiet and just taste, or speak up and share? Come and partake in an authentic experience in which you will learn all about the production of AOC Calvados in our cellars that are home to 100-year-old casks.

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  • Ferme de Billy


    The Ferme de Billy is a brand, a place and a family spirit: authenticity, conviviality, respect for nature and local Normandy traditions, where everyone is welcome, young and old.

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  • Les Vergers du Chouquet


    The Vergers du Choquet cider works crafts AOC/AOP products on their farm located on the Pays d’Auge hillsides. They are committed to an extensive and traditional type production.

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  • Domaine Duclos‑Fougeray


    A cider farm and distillery located in the heart of the Pays de Bray in a typical Normandy farmhouse. Cider, Pommeau, Calvados, apple juice and apple cider vinegar production.

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  • Domaine de Rugueville


    Nicolas Flambard, grower and producer in Portbail, Normandy, sells his apple-based products on the estate. These include cider, Pommeau, Calvados, apple juice, apple cider vinegar… As these beverages are produced using careful craft methods, some boast certifications such as AOP Contentin Cider or organic apple juice.

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  • Distillerie Coquerel


    We have been producing Calvados, Pommeau, cider and gin since 1937 in our family distillery located just a few kilometres from Mont-Saint-Michel. We proudly uphold the Calvados traditions, but are first and foremost entrepreneurs with a love of innovation. These eau-de-vies have been selected and blended for their unique characters and their aromatic profiles that represent the finest terroirs of Normandy.

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  • Michel Huard


    Apple growers and producers of vintage Calvados for seven generations in the Orne Bocage countryside.

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  • Domaine de la Flaguerie

    Ducy Sainte-Marguerite

    Domaine de la Flaguerie is a family farm located in the Bessin region of Normandy since 1835. Our orchards are managed organically and we process our apples into the traditional local products.

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  • Domaine de la Duretière


    An organic family farm, with 17 hectares of orchards, located in the Calvados Domfrontais, Calvados, and Pommeau de Normandie appellations. Calvados apple growers and producers.

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  • Claque-Pépin


    We bring you the finest traditional Normandy products to delight your taste buds.

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  • Domaine de la Mérité


    This estate produces just one Calvados for sale, a blend of a minimum of 20 years of age. It has picked up awards at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris on several occasions. Listed in numerous Michelin-starred restaurants in France. A rare and authentic Calvados with an enticing character.

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  • Maison Hérout


    Maison Hérout was founded in Auvers, in the heart of the Le Cotentin region, in 1946. It has been a pioneer in organic cider-based production excellence since the 70s.

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