The Calvados

The Calvados distilleries and estates are open to visitors all year round. Countless tastings, activities and discoveries await you!

  • Pierre Huet


    Located on the “Route du Cidre” (Cider Route) in the heart of Normandy’s Pays d’Auge, Domaine Pierre Huet comprises 30 hectares of orchards growing 25 varieties of cider apples. Since 2010, the distillery has been using an innovative heating system unique within the Normandy region: wood chips.

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  • Domaine des Hauts Vents


    The Caboulet family has been perpetuating the tradition of crafting cider-based products on its 17th-century estate for three generations.

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  • Christian Drouin

    Pont Lévêque

    Maison Drouin is a family-owned Pays d’Auge craft distillery nestling in the middle of a traditional high stem orchard and specialising in the crafting of vintage Calvados.

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  • Desvoye cider farm


    A third-generation family-owned farm that blends authenticity with modernity.

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  • Domaine de la Flaguerie

    Ducy Sainte-Marguerite

    Domaine de la Flaguerie is a family farm located in the Bessin region of Normandy since 1835. Our orchards are managed organically and we process our apples into the traditional local products.

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  • Les Bruyères Carré


    Handed down from generation to generation, the Les Bruyères Carré farm located in Moyaux, in the Calvados department, is an authentic Normandy Pays d’Auge cider farm that is really worth a visit!

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  • Cidre Lemasson


    Farm-based, organic and sustainable production. Traditional processing in keeping with ancestral savoir-faire. Modern and engaging marketing.

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  • Le Père Mahieu


    Come along and visit our organic craft cider farm and distillery in the typical setting of a 1920s farmstead.

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  • Domaine de la Touche


    Unique and natural Calvados, produced according to traditional methods, with fruit from La Touche’s own orchards grown without the use of pesticides and harvested by hand.

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  • La Maison du Père Tranquille


    Maison du Père Tranquille has been distributing quality Normandy products, in particular Rollon Calvados, aged in its own cellar in Routot, for three generations.

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  • La Maison Ferré


    Maison Ferré is an ideal stop for anyone who loves nature and appreciates authenticity. This family-owned cider producer and distillery are located in the heart of the Perche Regional Park, where the state-owned forests and hills give this natural region its typical character.

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  • Cave de la Loterie


    At the Cave de la Loterie (a cider works in Clécy in the Suisse-Normande), Regis Aubry grows and processes organic apples and pears. He is always happy to receive visitors for tastings, tours and direct sales at the property.

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